The 500 Club

In 1986, three years into a Labor led state government, 150 of Perth’s leading business and community people formed The 500 Club. Striving to support the conservative State political parties at the time, The 500 Club demonstrated its collective strength by raising funds for pre-election campaigning.

Over the last 30+ years, The 500 Club has supported conservative politics at both State and Federal levels, by becoming much more than a fund raising organisation. Today, The 500 Club is a dedicated group of like-minded people of influence and integrity, that deeply care about the political state of both Western Australia and the nation.

Independent of any political party, The 500 Club continues to raise funds for strategic activities for conservative politics. Membership is for individuals, by invitation only, with approval of the Committee.

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Become a member of The 500 Club.

The 500 Club is an organisation for individuals striving for conservative political leadership in Western Australia and nationally.

To become a member of The 500 Club, you need to be referred by an existing member. This process ensures members are proactively interested in the Club's activities and aims. Upon referral by a member, you will be contacted by The 500 Club CEO. Your application is then presented to the committee for approval and endorsement.

Under 35? Visit our Future 500 membership page.