Events Overview

Policy Breakfasts

For 500 and Future 500 Club members only. Groups of up to 40 people with a Federal Minister or State Shadow Minister and their Policy advisors.The discussion is focused on Policy development with direct feedback from Club members to MPs. Policy discussion is industry specific and relating to existing Bills moving through the Parliament or the development of future Policy focusing on industry impact and outcomes.These events provide an excellent opportunity for members to influence and engage.

EVENT OBJECTIVE – Policy Forum with direct input into policy formation, industry feedback on current Bills, connectivity between Ministers, Shadow Ministers and 500 Club members.


For 500 Club and Future 500 Club members and their guests, groups of up to 200 people, with special guest speakers from Federal and State Parliament and/or private sector leaders. Panel style discussions often follow the guest speaker's address. Event themes are topical and relevant to business and industry. These are ticketed events.

EVENT OBJECTIVE – Offers members and their guests an opportunity to engage in large-scale, high-end business networking events.

The State Shapers

Breakfast or Lunch events for 500 Club and Future 500 Club members and their guests.These events showcase the extraordinary individuals, who have helped shape our magnificent state. Members and guests of up to 200 people. These are ticketed events that include a 15-30 minute presentation from the guest speaker, followed by a Q&A with a high profile and respected journalist.

EVENT OBJECTIVE – To offer 500 Club members the unique insight into the careers and journeys of our State Shapers, and to engage in some high-end business networking.

Business 500 SUNDOWNER

For 500 Club and Future 500 Club members and their guests up to 250 people, hosted at a partner venue. These are ticketed stand-up events, with drinks and canapés. May or may not have a guest speaker and if so, then usually it will be a Member of Parliament and/or an industry leader.

EVENT OBJECTIVE – A relaxed stand up event with the primary focus being networking amongst our members and MP's in an intimate setting.

Regional Events

For 500 and Future 500 Club members and guests. Event will usually be a dinner, and or cocktail event and will include a tour of the Town's main attractions. Ticketed events for up to 200 people. The 500 Club will work with its regional members to present the event. Guest Speakers often include a local businessperson, Federal and State MPs and Local Government representatives.

EVENT OBJECTIVE – To develop ongoing relationships with our regional members and provide an opportunity for city-based members to engage in regional events. Excellent networking and industry focused opportunities.


EOFY Gala Cocktail events for 500 Club and Future 500 Club members and their guests, held the week before the EOFY with a guest of honour, a Senior Member of the Federal Ministerial Team and Leader of the State Opposition for up 500 people. The Christmas Cocktail event is held in December.

EVENT OBJECTIVE – To provide a celebratory high- end business / political networking event for members and guests.


For 500 Club and Future 500 Club members and guests of up to 50 people hosted at a private or public venue. Ticketed event.

EVENT OBJECTIVE – Wine/gin appreciation nights are all about learning about the fine qualities of wines/gins, wine/gin etiquette and networking.